Global Seminar Jews and Muslims: The Multi-Ethnic History of Istanbul

About the Program in Jewish Studies

The Program in Jewish Studies, an interdisciplinary unit of the College of Arts & Sciences, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jewish Studies as well as minors in Jewish Studies and Hebrew Studies. The primary goal of the program is to explore Jewish culture, history, society and thought while equipping students with a fluency in a number of the disciplines offered through the College of Arts & Sciences.  The program also reflects the core goals of Colorado's flagship university: to provide an outstanding liberal arts education, to foster critical thought, and to instill a keen appreciation of humanity's interrelatedness and diversity.

With internationally acclaimed faculty engaged in cutting-edge research and opportunities to study with leading artists, scholars and professionals working in the field of Jewish studies, the program offers an innovative and contemporary curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation in cultural education and to connect Jewish thought and text to action and people's lives. The program is open to students of all backgrounds.

Support the Post-Holocaust American Judaism Archive and the Mazal Holocaust Collection

The images on our website highlight faculty and students in our courses, events with visiting scholars and artists, and materials from CU's Jewish Studies resources, including the Post-Holocaust American Judaism Archive, the Lebowitz Collection of 20th Century American-Jewish Literature, and the Through Soviet Jewish Eyes photography collection. For more information on these resources and archives, visit the Archival and Research Collections section of our website.